I like to draw, and I like to think about drawing, a lot. I especially like to think about what a drawing can be. I guess that’s really what my work is all about… drawing. Well, that and questions.

Questions like, what kind of drawings would I make if I was a painter, a photographer, or a drunk sculptor? Or, when drawing grows up, what will it want to be? Why does painting get all the girls? And where can I get a burrito at 2 am? Yes, this is what I’m thinking about most of the time, and these are the issues I attempt to address in my work.

How so you say? Well, by getting mixy with it! I like to borrow all of my favorite bits from drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, and creatively combine what I can into each piece I create. Admittedly I’m typically left with nothing more than a mess on my hands... but at least it’s always an interesting mess.

And really, that’s all I can hope for, to create an interesting mess that in some way people can connect with. Well that, and maybe a burrito at two in the morning.